Eric & Kat

It brings me great happiness to show everyone a love such as this one. 

Kat (Katherine), and I have been friends for seven or eight years now. We met each other during a time in our lives that we were still struggling with who we were and what we wanted in life. Over those years, we've got to watch each other grow and change into strong women, that we weren't when we first met each other. I am grateful that I get to be part of this special time in both of their lives! I was asked to stand there as one of her best girls and i'm honored to be there for her.

Kat and Eric! Two people that were destined to be together. Two people who couldn't be more perfect for each other. Two people that came in to each others lives for a reason and that is to be together forever, until death to they part. I am grateful that Eric is in her life, he has brought out the most vibrant of colors in her, it is truly beautiful to see. I can't wait to see your lives change and evolve together. When you decide to extend your family, your babies are going to have the most beautiful eyes ever seen on a child! :) I am very happy for you both! Congratulations! 


Hand made picture frames 101! 

It is a challenge to try and make someone not smile, when they are so happy that it is all they want to do! :)

What!?! We are getting married!?!?! 

Please don't kill me for this, it had to be done! 

Go Long!! 

Love the way he is looking at her in this picture. 

Only 6 more days until the 1 year count down begins!! Let the good times roll! Always here if you need me!