The Credille Family

I absolutely adore this family! I met them back in March when I did their maternity photos! They are from a small town in Tennessee, they moved to VA a few years back, and currently living in Manassas, Virginia. They are just a great family, easy going, and laid back bunch. Every time I get the opportunity to see them, which is usually for photos, I enjoy every moment.  It is funny sometimes the way things work out... they moved to Virginia, I got to meet two wonderful people, and capture their growing family!! I love every moment! 

Happy to announce that they are the first family on my blog! 



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Hard to believe this little guy is 8 months old and is starting to crawl already!! 

                   The most beautiful surprise for this proud momma and poppa! 

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Such a cute little pumpkin

Such a cute little pumpkin

Thank you T.J., Jennifer, and Levi for allowing me to capture your precious moments! 

                                                   Happy Holidays!!