Kailynn Turns TWO

It is truly hard to believe that it has been a year since her last photo shoot and it makes you realize that life really does fly by! I love seeing kids grow into little people, into teenagers, and into adults.. it makes me feel old, but its part of life! I am happy I've had the opportunity to be part of a few of hers!  

Boy, Oh, Boy has she changed since her first birthday! The grass isn't much of a challenge anymore, she has a lot more hair, and she has even MORE of a personality (if that is possible). She is definitely becoming her own little miss thang (snap my fingers, and shake my head). This year she is having a carnival birthday fit for a princess! 

Thank you Krystal, I enjoyed my time with you and your princess!

2013 & 2014

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No clowning around in these parts!! 

Smarties dreamin' 

Smarties dreamin' 

This is what I call multi-tasking! 

Her momma's mean muggin' for sure! 

Not very impressed or just over it already! haha

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Happy early birthday munchkin!