First time blogging EVER

Well, here it goes............

I have been procrastinating since the first day the very talented Fabienne Laveau (wedding muse) told me that I should start a website/blog.  "It will be great for business and easier for people to see your work," she said. My first thought was, who the (your know what) doesn't have Facebook these days, right? Come to find out there are tons of people who don't have a Facebook page!! Who knew? Guess I just was safe hiding behind Facebook. Unfortunately for me, I was missing out a world of cool stuff!

I cringed at the thought of making a website or paying someone a TON of money to do it for me, which is totally worth it if you can (not knocking people who are very talented web designers)! I just do not currently have the cha ching (yet!) to be able to have that luxury or the bling bling for that matter! 

I think I could get used to this, I think I will call them my ramble sessions, I can ramble for days! Lucky for you this is a short one!  

Until next time!  

Ramble on!