Laurel & BJ's Maternity Shoot

Sometimes you look back at life and the people you meet, the good, bad, and the ugly.. each story is different, each person leaves a imprint in your life, and the ones that makes  your heart smile are the ones that hold the best chapters in your book of life. The people you get to call friends you watch them grow, you see some of their different chapters, and you truly feel lucky to be part of those precious moments.

Although, I have not been part of a majority of The Gray's chapters, I am grateful they have allowed me to be part of some of the most  memorable times in their lives. They were married in October 2011 and in October 2013 they found out they were expecting their first little one into their lives. I was so excited when she asked me to reveal this special gift, but I'm even more excited they are allowing me to be part of the birth of their sweet little baby girl. 

We got together earlier this month to do their maternity photos in Warrenton, Virginia. We thought with the downpours that Saturday we were going to have to reschedule the shoot, but the skies cleared up just long enough for us to get in some pictures where they said their "I Do's."

I hope you enjoy!! 

I guess it wasn't his lipstick shade of choice!! 

This makes me smile! :)

Just a few more weeks until your due date! :)