The Gray Family

Holy moly, i've had to hold out  on posting this for so long, but I did it!! So very excited to announce that BJ and Laurel are expecting their bundle of joy in June 2014! I couldn't be more excited for them! I heard about BJ and Laurel from their mother aka my boss at my full time gig during the week.. she kept saying we need to meet, we'd hit it off, we have so much in common, yada yada yada.. I don't want to say she was right AGAIN, but she was right! They are like family i've never met before, we do have lots in common, and I was very excited when they asked me to do their photos. I had a great time and couldn't be more happy for them!! Congratulations you two!

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Congratulation BJ & Laurel, I know you will make excellent parents!!