Levi's 1st birthday

The statement "time flies" could not be more accurate, it truly does right before your eyes. It seems like yesterday I was meeting T.J. and Jennifer for their maternity shoot and now we are celebrating a special little boys first birthday!!  Levi was born on March 8, 2013, i've had the privilege of photographing his family from before he was born and I couldn't be more appreciative. He had quite the audience for this 1st birthday photo shoot and you could feel the love surrounding him. After our photo shoot, Levi got to meet Mr. Chuck e Cheese for the very first time. I'm sure he had an absolute blast and slept very well that evening. I hope you enjoy your photos and you cherish them for a lifetime!

It has flown by, but it has been a wonderful experience! 

A year with the Credille Family... 

This is what happens when there is unwanted cake!! :) One of those forks was mine! How can you resist white chocolate raspberry cake!?

Happy birthday little Levi! All the love you receive, i'm sure it was a fantastic one!!