Katherine's Senior Portraits | Class of 2015

Graduating from High School is a big deal, more of a big deal now that I've been out of High School 11 years than when it actually happened. Then I was just happy is was finally over, ready for the summer break with my friends and for my adult life to finally begin! If I could give Katherine some advice, I'd tell her to take it all in, enjoy every minute, and do not lose sight of your dreams. It flies by and before you know it, it will be 10 years that you've been out of High School too! 

When I first saw Katherine in Culpeper, I thought I was going to have my hands full trying to get her to relax in front of the camera, she looked like she was very shy and reserved.. Although she may be very shy in front of some people and soon as we started talking, we started laughing. It took no time at all for her to reveal that fun and happy personality of hers! Both her mother and Kat had me rollin' the entire time, some times I had to beg for them to stop in order to snap a photo! It was great fun.

Katherine, is a special young woman. She has her sights set on Mary Washington College, where she is going to get a degree in Elementary Education to become a third grade teacher. It takes truly amazing individuals to want to teach the future generations. She currently involved in flag and bells in the concert band, plays the piano in festivals and helps backstage during musicals. This girl has a special place in her heart for all types of music. 

Thank you both for sharing such a special time in both of your lives with me! Not sure the world will be ready for a spirit like hers, but the world could use more Katherine Swedenburgs. I believe you will positive impact on many people in your lifetime! I hope you enjoy some  of my favorites from our shoot.. (so many favorites)

I wasn't the only laughing a lot!! 

Best of luck my young friend in all of your future endeavors! 

You will do great!