Creek photos with Ali

One day I had this random thought I wanted to shoot someone in water. I thought a creek would be perfect, maybe add some mud, and make it more of a sexy shoot.  I was looking for volunteers that would be interested for a cheaper price to come be my models for the day. Not thinking of how it  may sound, I posted on my Facebook page looking for women who aren't afraid to get dirty and wet for a photo shoot! I had some interesting questions, but I was just happy that I had people who were interested in this type of shoot. I had a few ladies that were interested and I didn't get to schedule with all of them this year, so next year I'm think of doing something similar when we get our warm weather back! 

Ali was the first lady to contact me about the shoot. Very sweet person, who loves the outdoors, and just started bow fishing with her boyfriend Bryce. She was really easy to work with, she didn't have any problem with getting right down to business; getting wet and dirty in a creek in Nokesville, VA. She was really fun to photograph and we seemed to have a lot of things in common. Here are a few shots from our fun in the creek! Ali, thank you for being my model for the day, it was a pleasure photographing you!

Thank you again Ali & Bryce for hanging out with me that day :)