Tiffany & Robert

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to photography Tiffany and Roberts wedding day. I couldn't have met a more wonderful couple who love each other very much. She is very shy and reserved and I believe (from what i've observed) he frees her spirit. They are two people who wanted a wedding who reflected themselves, an intimate affair with their closest friends and family. I know their wedding was everything they hoped it would be because they married their soul mates, the one they couldn't imagine living without! They complete one another and I'm blessed to have been part of it. 

Pure happiness and excitement! 

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The food was delicious, the staff was great, and the DJ was rockin' it! 

All and all, it was a wonderful day to celebrate two great people!

Congratulations Tiffany and Robert! I hope you have all the happiness and love you can hope for....