People drift in and out of your life. Some stay, some go away, and some leave an imprint on you that you will always be grateful to have, something you hold dearest to you heart. A friendship is a mutual affection between two people, a stronger form of interpersonal bond or some would say a love for another person. Twenty nine years, I have had many friends, I have had many heartaches, and I have learned many lessons from all of those friendships. The true friends are the ones who could live far or near, and your relationship will always stay the same. You gain something every time you have the opportunity to see or speak with that person. Their relationship makes you a better person. Those are the ones you will always hold dear.

Heather Callahan and I met in High School. She was the shy, very intelligent, beautiful girl that you would never know had this spark in her unless you knew her.. only the special ones got to really see her shine.  She is someone very special, someone you don't meet everyday. Your first reaction when you see her is WOW, she is GORGEOUS! Every use of the word beautiful you can think of, you could use to  describe Heather. An adjective could never really describe who she is inside or out because the word beautiful just isn't a strong enough word to describe who she really is.... the person she truly is.... if I had to use a word that I think could describe her soul, I'd say she is how i'd envision an Angel.... She is probably shaking her head at me right now, but she always sees the good in people, she is gorgeous yes, and even more so inside (if that is possible). She doesn't give herself enough praise for the great things she does for the people who are in her life. She is a selfless, caring, BEAUTIFUL, and loving person.

I am more than grateful to call her my friend and ecstatic to share these gorgeous shots of her with you. She is working her butt off in PA school right now, and I hope this will put a smile on that face of yours. I know you are stressed and going crazy right now, but you are doing what you set out to do. You are doing what you love and you are almost there!! 

To one of my dearest friends, Winnie the Pooh said it the best! 

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Fairytales & Unicorns

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